What CLEAN INTAKES Does Better

We keep our processes simple and give you a first-rate experience that helps free up your time from the word ‘Go’. Clean Intakes is here to help get you the full story, and have it completely documented and back to you before you close the deal.

The difference is in the details.

Mail Envelope IconFrom: XYZansweringserivce.org

To: Me@lawfirm.com


Caller Name? William Dorgregfelder(?)

Phone Number? (xxx) 123-4567

Message: Potential new client is calling in to speak to attorney in regards to a problem with his neighbor

What were you charged with? Violation for yelling at my neighbor

What county did this take place in? Close to my house

What court is this in? Declined

When is the court date? This past Saturday (unsure)

This is difficult to tell if it is a good lead or a clunker, and there really is not enough information present to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, this is a common tale with answering services. They answer the phone and provide you with very simple data, which is often inaccurate to some degree, as quickly as possible. They charge by the minute and do not perform true intakes, as any law firm can attest. The difference with Clean Intakes is that we take the time to get you a high quality intake and something even more valuable…we give you your time back so you can complete other tasks!

Would it be easier to make a decision if you knew:

From: XYZansweringserivce.orgMail Envelope Icon

To: Me@lawfirm.com


Potential New Client? William M. Dorginfielder

Phone Number? (xxx) 123-4567 email: wmdorg@yahoo.com

Message: Potential Client is currently in year one of a two year probation sentence for Assault, has no previous violations.

What were you charged with? Probation Violation for receiving the charge of Criminal Trespass 2nd when he entered his neighbors home and threatened to physically assault him if he kept having his son throw their organic compost into the woods behind their houses. Potential client’s dog got sprayed by a skunk in his yard and he knows the skunk was there because the neighbors keep feeding the wildlife.

What county did this take place in? Yellow County

What court is this in? Probation Violation is in Yellow County Court, Criminal Trespass 2nd is out of Peacock Village Court

When is the court date? Received his citation this past Saturday, March 3rd, 20xx. Return date for Probation Violation is March 22nd at 9:00 AM. Criminal Trespass 2nd charge is returnable on March 28th, at 7:00 PM

This is just some of the information our team would be able to provide to you that an answering service would not be able to, but definitely not all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what Mr. Dorginfielder did for a living? How about getting the name of the Probation Officer and a contact number to reach him at? What about more information on their criminal history? What are they hoping to achieve by hiring you? What times are they available to come in for a meeting with you?

If you want to provide us with quoted price ranges to see if they are able to afford your services, we can do that too!

An added benefit of getting the right information is that it can also help you manage appropriate expectations, which can get you much better five-star reviews from your clientele.

The Life Cycle of a Clean Intake